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10 Simple Ways To Protect Memory


  1. Fill in your memory tools bag
    Example: self talk can create verbal memory traces. The words formed from the initial letters of words or rhymes helps to stimulate your memory. Grouping, also is important to create connection traces that help to remember. Repeating, helps to keep the information for a short time in your memory.
  2. Find your motivator and attempt to do it
    The development of your memory is based on motivation. When people are motivated, the pay attention to combine their experiences with lasting memories and by doing this they become more concentrated.
  3. Enjoy life
    To enjoy life, firt you must be able to deal with the pain you are having. Trying to understand life, will take you to request a search for a new knowledge and to remember this knowledge. Relationships that contribute to the enrichment of our lives, are important for our memory.
  4. Increase your focus strength
    To focus your attention, keeps some things in your mind unless you want.
  5. Override mental interventions
    To concentrate means ignoring distractions and interventions and continuing to pay attention. Using more memory helpers, not focusing on too many things at the same time and determining the speed of the steps you take are the best strategies for coping with distractibility and intervention.
  6. Give importance to your learning and your life
    Your memory is alredy regular. Memory traces are stored and you can remember events, people and information in a form of regular units. Besides making the layout of learning, organize your time and your surroundings. This will improve your memory.
  7. Give importance to your health
    Making plan to maintain good health is essential for the good operation of the memory. This plan includes a balanced diet, exercise, minimazing the exposure to toxic substances and regular medical supervisions.
  8. Deal with stress and depression
    Mental state and emotions affect negatively to our memory. You should try methods to be protected from this.
  9. Understand the aging process
    Age-related sensory changes are important for the memory. You can get rid of it with some strategies.
  10. Be the guide of yourself
    You can make positive changes to your attitude and your lifestyle. It would affect positively and ensure a better memory.