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100% Effective Anti-Aging and Skin Renewing Plant

Rosemary for centuries is known as one of the most prized plants.


This plant as a source of a plant that gives taste to some foods, an indispensable supporting plant for health and esthetics, is amongst the most widely used medicinal plants. Hair and skin problems, especially when used with the correct ratio is known to have restorative and restructuring effects. Hair care products that conatin rosemary , especially oily hair removal, fat balance adjustment, repair and hair loss prevention and hair nourishing effect has been proven. Especially, It can stimulate blood circulation which means it can stop aging and also it has antioxidant effects.

Recipe for antioxidant tonic

Put 1 pinch of rosemary in a cup of boiling water and boil it for 10 minutes. The resulting tonic  provides the antioxidant effect on the skin.  At the same time it is easy to prepare wound-healing.

Maternity ATTENTION!!!

Because rosemary is a plant that should be carefully used by pregnant women should not be used in high doses. If you use rosemary oil in overdose it can cause problems in stomach, intestines etc.