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12 Foods That Satisfy Hunger And Control Appetite

If you are trying to lose weight, reduction of food you will consume that makes you constantly hungry, this is the reason why most diets fail without good start.


You can do the “silent” humming your stomach without additional calories consumed. In fact, eating certain foods sends signals to the brain to be told that they would not eat and also helps in reducing the appetite.

Consume the following foods to remove urine and to control appetite.
*Apple-Eat an apple a half hour before a meal consume water and apple fibers fill you, so will consume less food.

*Avocado-Eating half a meal together with lunch will make you feel full for the rest of the afternoon. Women who did so felt more satisfied and 24 percent had less desire to eat three hours after they had consumed a lunch accompanied with avocado.

*Beans, lentils, chickpeas-
Chickpeas, lentils, beans and peas are rich in protein and are considered as “superfoods”, because they contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamin B and iron. An analysis done recently, found that 31 per cent of people were fed up with a food that contained the above products.

*Soups-In one study, it was found that people who consumed a bowl of soup before you start to eat the main meal, take 20 percent fewer calories than those who ate only one meal. “Soups can remove the appetite since they occupy more volume in the stomach, but have fewer calories,” says one specialist.

*Pickles-Pickles and other fermented foods have fatty acids that can quickly disintegrate. A recent study found that pickled help strengthen the connection between the brain and the digestive apparatus. Fermented foods also promote the proliferation of healthy bacteria that aid digestion. Some experts believe that these bacteria helps.