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13 Benefits of Walking

Sports are important for our health. Especially walking as a physical activity, is important for our organism.


In our daily lives we are always walking, going somewhere and even though we may not know we are making sport with only that. Unplanned or planned sport actually is always in our lives. Well while you say that you don’t have enough time for doing sports are you aware that as time goes by how our body’s resistance drops and it is potential of risks? Experts say:“Even if you can’t do nothing, never give up on walking”.
Here are some benefits of walking :
1. Walking helps the bloodstream and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
2. It strength the muscles of the body, including the heart muscle which they allow to work more efficiently.
3. It regulates blood pressure.
4. Avoids the risk of obesity.
5. Facilitates digestion.
6. During and after exercise it stimulates the metabolism.
7. To a coordination makes a positive impact.
8. Increases the flexibility of joints and muscles and lowers back and neck pain.
9. Helps in strengthening the bones.
10. Increases endurance.
11. Reduces insomnia, helps to relax.
12. It highers the hormone of happiness which is endorphin.
13. Avoids aging and makes you look young.