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13 Ways To Have A Better Sleep

Natural resting – the way we sleep ,is one of the most important functions for our body. Exept stress, depression, amphetamine, a type of antidepressant drugs, loud noises, hunger, fullness, lights, cigarettes, tea, coffee  affects our sleep quality. Here we give 13 ways for a better and comfortable sleep

Drink tea
Herbal teas help you to relax before bedtime.

Reading Books
Avoids the thrill of a busy day, makes you feel good and helps you to forget about the daily stress.

Keep away your i-Pad
 At least half an hour before going to sleep close these devices.

Stretching exercise now
Stretching reduces your pain, helps for a good sleep.

Meditation by clearing your mind makes you prone to sleep.

Beware of light
Alarm, street lamps, electronics-all of these will prevent you from a deep sleep.

Take a warm shower
Shower causes relaxation of the muscles.

Exercise during the day and spend your energy, to fall asleep in the evening.

Eat your dinner earlier
Going to the bed with a full stomach, will bother you and it won’t let you sleep.

Stay away from wine
Don’t preferate to drink before going to sleep.

Stay away from stress
Find ways to stay away from stress and clear your mind.

Do not take a nap
Resting during the day is good, but this only leads to escape more of your night’s sleep.

Take a new bedroom
If you wake up with aches and pains, your bed may not be good enough. Change it every 8 years