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16 Trifles In The Day That Will Help You To Lose Weight

In daily routine introduced new habits that will help you lose weight without any special deprivations dominate. Of course, it is a process, so not expect bombastic results overnight.2184277_orig

-After waking up drink 3 deciliters  water that will encourage the breakdown of fat.
-Then eat a small meal – half a banana or a few almonds to work metabolism.
-Eat breakfast!! Recommended meal with high protein and fiber – 10 grams from each.
-Prepare  snack for work in your home and also reduce the possibility from binge eating in the canteen or bakery.
-On working table put bottle with  water,so than thereof often drink a few sips. When you drink all water, fill new!
-If most of the day  you spend sitting at work, remember to stand up every hour and strech your feet.

-Take a little free time during the day to write everything that you ate, so additionally you will be motivated for moderation in nutrition in the rest of  the day.
-At work eat twice: the first time eat a healthy mouthful  maximum 150 calories, and later eat the lunch that you prepared at home.
-Eat lunch outdoors if it allows your time and work. Regular exiting on the sun reduces stress, depression and the overshooting of fatty foods.
-You have  a meeting outside of the office? Instead with a car, go there by walking.
-Are you feeling sleepy? Drink green tea! It will wake you up and at the same time will suppress eventual famine.
-Go or ride a bike whenever allowed the circumstances. Is always desirable to change the routes that go from home to work.
-Prepare dinner in your own kitchen and  avoid the pitfalls of the ordering fast food or dessert in a restaurant.
-Make a few stomach exercises while you wait to start your favorite television program.
-Wash your teeth half an hour after each meal, and so hindered from encroaching snack after dinner
-Lie down to sleep at a decent time, or at least make sure that you are dreaming 8 hours.