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19 Tips For Better Physical And Mental Health

Here are 19 tips that will significantly improve physical and mental health.

Exercise-Mental-Health1.Find a balance in life
2.Listen your body
3.You have only one body, so be good towards him
4.Never smoke cigarettes
5.Eat more green foods in the form of salads and accessories in everyday diet
6.Move faster, chew slowly
7.Build honest relationship with your doctor

8.Reduce the turbulent nightlife
9.The change is that it improves your health, not earlier experience
10.Drink more water thus is purified organism
11.Breathe deeply
12.Separate more time for good sleep
13.Don’t worry too much

14. Avoid sugar and foods that can be easily converted into sugars
15.Meditate every day. Everything else will come in its place
16. Every morning tell that you love yourself
17.Eat the real food
18.Is better to prevent something than to cure it
19.You should always know what you bring into your body and on it



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