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3 Best Exercises For Beautiful Buttocks. Plan Exercises For 30 Days

3 Best Exercises For Beautiful Buttocks. Plan Exercises For 30 Days

Lovely figure is impossible to imagine without rounded but firm buttocks. And it is not necessary to go to the gym, because you can work on it at your home.

All it takes is a couple of weights and an irresistible desire for a better look.

In this article we publish complex exercises of Angels Li, who developed a plan of thirtieth daily exercise.

The numbers at the top of the chart indicate the number of squats, to do for one rep.

 The plan exercises in 30 days:

Every day you work on 3 repetitions 2-3 minutes with a minute break after each. That is, the whole exercise should last no longer than 11 minutes. And do not miss the days of rest: the muscles need time to recover.

Exercise No.1. Basic

These are in fact normal squats. Separate your feet at shoulder width, keep your back straight and do squats with hands outstretched. It is important – to find the right balance and to rely on the whole foot, not on its individual parts.

 Professional advice: “During the exercises focus attention on the movements of your pelvis. It is important to not lean forward, keep your eyes level with your hand, stand up straight and keep the chest up.

 Exercise No.2. With weights

Stand straight, of the feet spread slightly wider than shoulders. Back straight. In each hand hold weight. The legs should be positioned so that from your knees, you “can not look” on your toes.

Professional advice: “start with the use of light weights, 2 kg. After a while, go to the weights with weight of 3 and 4 kg. If you feel extreme fatigue after a few repetitions, slowly lower the weights to the floor, and use those with less weight. ”

Exercise No.3. Severe

Stand up straight. Spread your feet a little more than shoulder width. Back straight. Keep your hands behind your head, and cross your fingers. Make sure your knees are not on the same line with your toes.

 Professional advice: “Do not force your hands on your head, and do not bend over forward. The body should be straight, and during the exercise you should feel the work of your back muscles. Spread apart the elbows so that they are not in your field of peripheral vision”