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3 Foods That Aggravate Depression

There exist some types of foods which increase the likelihood of depression, particularly among women.food-and-mood

1. Refined cereals
In this group are included pasta, white rice and white corn byproducts. All these now are considered as foods with a greater inflammatory index. On the other side, all these kinds of foods are associated with the state of humor, especially in females, affecting directly in it’s deterioration.


2. Carbonated drinks
Or those who usually we call the soft-fizzy  drinks. Is ascertained that consumption of their continuous, even a tin per day, in addition to several other problems that are associated with health, including those of the cardiovascular system, or diabetes, may also provoke problems especially those who are associated with depression.
3.Fast foods
People who consume such foods have more opportunities (51% more) to be affected from stressful situation and depression.At these foods are included hamburgers, hot dog, even and pizza.

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