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3 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed Together

You know that some foods can cause the bounce like many salty foods or carbonated drinks, but also the combination of certain foods can cause similar condition. Here’s what should you avoid to consume together:what-should-I-eat

Dairy + starch
Pizza is entering in the category. Even hamburger with cream cheese. Dairy will cost you  considerable time to be wasted. But when starch is added, it takes longer, fermenting process begins in the digestive tract. This causes bounce and painful spasms. The solution? Override bread and eat more dairy products with bitter vegetables like wild cabagges which speed the digestion.

Fruit + protein or starch
Fruits contain simple sugars that don’t take a long time to dissipate. But when you consume them with an egg or eat desserts  directly after your meal, sugar will remain in the stomach until proteins consumed. Consume fruits at least an hour after the main meal.
Protein + protein
There is no good news for those who like chicken salad with black beans.Protein combinations are not advisable because they require more energy to digest. Eat protein meals with green vegetables only.