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3 Nutrients That Must Have Their Place On The Table

There is no diet list that don’t conatin broccoli in it. Recommended  for  adults  up to three  cups a week to  prepare  tea from the dried leaves of the plant. Research studies show that broccoli, kale, mixture of these herbs, spinach obviously, has  positive effects on human health, while avoiding a variety of symptoms and problems appearing in the body. The preparation of tea is not the only way to appropriate innate components of broccoli. Salads and green herbs can also be used in the preparation of different menus.


2. Tea
Tea can be prepared from various herb plants. Crawler can also taste very varied as: lemon, peach, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, roses, etc.. Drinking tea every morning can be an additional reason why the Chinese population has a lower number of cases of cancer. Ingredients found in tea act as antioxidants and help in many cases even when your body is in light or poisons that make you feel bad. Studies focused on the effects of tea healing enzymes showed that tea found to make less toxic carcinogens.

3. Lemon
Vitamin C is found in abundance of lemon, as well as the orange to other fruits. Vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant . Scientists have repeatedly shown that components of vitamin C can treat cancer.