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3 Proven Exercises For Proper Posture

1.Vertical exercises
Try to walk with your head upright, arms close to the body and abdomen straight shaped. Rubber-based, non-slip shoes are preferable. While walking your feet must look forward not outward. Standing against a wall until you can lift your arm. In the meantime, try to flatten your lower back by pulling your belly. While doing this exercise lift one arm up another one down. Then change your arm. Bring your hands behind the middle of the waist. Bent as far as possible, try to bend back.
In the meantime, feel that contraction of the abdominal muscles. Leaned against a wall with your back, put your feet up to 25 cm away from the wall. Put your knees slightly and bent while the case head, shoulder and keep your back on contact with the wall. While doing this position, and moving up and down you must be in contact with the wall.

2. Exercises that can be done by sitting
Raise your shoulders up until you can remove sitting. Draw circles and then move your shoulders forward and backward. This movement you can also do by standing. Sit in a chair with backrest.

3.Horizontal exercises
Lie on your back while bending the knees. Put down, your head and shoulders. In the meantime, please bridge lifting your hips thighs and trunk. This exercise is then repeated by the left and right of your leg support separately. Lie on your back with knees bent while. Put Your hips very light, pull your belly inward and try to push the waist to the floor depressions. Lie on your back while your knees bent, rolled between the shoulder blades and put a large towel.