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4 Steps To Have Strong Buttock

Every day  divide 20 minutes to do  this  ordinary exercise which will strengthen your hips. For motivation, pull out your favorite dress coat, on which you wish to look  best, open your  favorite music and start the action “perfect again.”lose-weight-from-hips

Lie on your back, bend your legs and flatten your hands. With one foot raised lift your body, but do not curve your back. After 8 repetitions with both 2 legs take a break. It is preferable to do 3 series of that exercise.vithe1



Rely on the palms and knees. From this position simultaneously raise your right hand and left leg and spread as far (but not too much) in opposite directions until the body be placed in straight line.vithe2

Then bend your arm and leg in the air so that the body looks like a “muffin”. After eight repetitions with one leg do pause. Preferably to do three series reruns.vithe3

Support legs and forearm. On the back of the leg, between the bottom and the middle part of the leg  strongly hold the ball and lift your leg 8 times. The same number of downs repeat with the other leg, but be sure to this with flat back.vithe4