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4 Tips To Avoid Insomnia

Sleep is not a luxury, but it is one of the most basic human needs. If you do not satisfy the need for sleep, you can damage to yourself . If you do not sleep enough at night, it can also have negative effects on your health. Here are 4 tips that can help with insomnia and difficulty in sleeping.insomnia

Do not eat anything at least 1 hour before bedtime
Eating before bed is not good for our body our mind because the stomach, rather than reduce their work will have to be re-activated, and with it the whole body in order to carry nutrients to the body. This includes feeding the brain, and it gives occasion to work more. He will produce thoughts, and you will not be able to sleep. In this case a warm glass of milk or chamomile tea can help.
Limit your night activities
Whether it is for work on the computer or watching television, limit these activities to a certain time period. Instead of devoting to activities that require mental energy devoted to something that will relax you. Read a book or an easy 20 minute look funny series. Do things that will slow down the work of the body, and it will not stimulate.

Use “white” noise
If you live in an apartment with noisy neighbors, of course you will not be able to sleep. You may hear cracking floors, barking dog or external noise. Try using a device so-called “white” noise. This device produces a quiet and relaxing sounds that help the brain to focus on them, not the other sounds and so easier to relax, and you will fall asleep.
Exercise every day
Sure, it does not mean to exercise just before bedtime, but about 3-4 hours before going to bed you can make a series of simple exercises that will enable better quality dream.The  exercise reduces stress and mind will be focused on solving problems.