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5 Benefits From Cold Shower

Do you belong to those people who do not shower if there is no hot water, or sometimes to know to let a cold shower? Cold shower and bathroom have a long tradition in many cultures, and it is not without reason. Although the shower with hot water is much nicer, cold water have a number of benefits for overall health.

Stimulates the bloodstream
Intermittent showers with hot and cold water is a great way to encourage blood circulation, which positively affects the entire blood system. The veins constrict when exposed to cold water, which contributes to blood pressure to increase temporarily and thus to speed up the flow of blood.
Regulates the body temperature
Cold shower causes little stress which specifies the body to increase its own temperature. This phenomenon is called thermogenesis, ie the creation of heat. If you have chronic cold hands or feet, or you sweat too much, try therapy with a cold shower. In addition, the internal heat speeds up metabolism, which stimulates the burning of calories and weight loss.

Improves the breathing
During the shower with cold water will notice that breathe deeper. It is the result of the natural reaction of the body, which is struggling with the stress caused by the cold. Trying to warm, the body uses more oxygen than usual. Thanks to this, the cold shower spread lungs, almost as exercise. Increased intake of oxygen means less fatigue during the day and greater endurance in sports activities.
It improves the appearance of skin and hair
While hot water dries the skin and hair, cold water adds they look shinier and healthier. Cold water also applies to detoxification, so that stimulates the excretion of toxins and waste products from the body.
Increases the energy
Cold shower seeps energy. Improves the heart, and that in combination with the improved circulation deprives the body of fatigue. Think if the morning wash your face with cold water helps you to wake up, imagine how cold water may affect your whole body.

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