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5 Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

If you decide to lose some excess pounds, you probably know that the best way is to follow a balanced and healthy diet. There are some drinks that help you lose weight quickly and have a good metabolism. Below we bring you 5 drinks for  more efficient dilution.pije_per_renie_ne_peshe

Detoxification Liquids 
Detoxification drinks help to remove toxins from your body, which affects the body’s cleansing and removes the excess weight.Some of  fruit juices that have a high impact on detoxifying are Citrusius drinks , like the ones from  oranges, mandarins , lemons and citrus. Also carrots and apples are very good detoxifiers that help the digestive system and are a good antioxidants.
Vegetable juices
Also vegetable juices have very good detoxification and  antioxidants effects  that affect weight reduction. Recommended drinks are from : white cabbage, broccoli and kale. Another feature of these vegetables is that they remove free radicals and keep your body healthy, and regulate hormonal balances.


Green Tea
Green tea is used for many years as a health drink . It has a positive effect  in weight reduction by removing toxins from the body and burning calories. Green tea also is known with it’s antistress effects and relaxing feature.
Cranberry  and pear juice
Fruit juices  are very tasty and very rich in vitamins and minerals needed for organism. Blueberry and pear  drink can be distinguished for their high values ​​of antioxidants, high level of vitamin C, but also for the fact that improves the  metabolism and has an influence for weight reduction.
Black coffee
Black coffee is known for its many benefits, among which its values ​​are separated antioxidants that help in removing free radikals , as well as reduce the risk of some cancers and diabetes. Also  black coffee improves metabolism and burns calories to help you lose weight.

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