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5 Foods That Fight Against Flu

Flu, you're great or me


Grapefruit is  the source of a powerful antioxidant, enhances the immune system and destroys the virus. Consuming half of grapefruit serving ,can cause falling of  the risk of getting influenza by 20% .

Containing sulforaphane chemicals ,broccoli  helps to strengthen the immune system. Researchers found out that , when broccoli is consumed two servings per week can increase  white blood cells that fight the flu virus.

Sulfur content of 70% found in garlic, is fighting infection. Nutrition experts recommend to add it  to eat 10 minutes before chopping  . Because the sulfur content of garlic, becomes more active when exposed to air and the body as a shield to protect against the flu.

Turmeric is a spice helpful to strengthen the immune system. Some studies show  that turmeric  also protects the body against cancer. Experts recommend  to consume a quarter of teaspoon of turmeric per day.

Sweet potatoes
Are rich in beta-carotene and with respiratory in it strengthens and prevents the entry of influenza virus into the body. When consumed half a serving of potatoes the risk of getting the flu falls by 33%.