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5 Health Hazards that Hides Your Toothbrush

5 Health Hazards that Hides Your Toothbrush

The toothbrush is an excellent assistant in maintaining oral hygiene.

However, if it is not used properly the brush can become a subject full of germs, dangerous to your health. Discover what you should never do with your toothbrush

 1. You should not share your toothbrush should never share

Various micro-organisms to whom your body is not resistant can be found on it.

They are easily transmitting through saliva to the stomach and through the veins directly into the bloodstream and can make you sick.

 2. Never pull on the water while brushing your teeth

It has been proven that micro droplets of water from the toilet bowl can be sprayed up to 3 meters in the air and distance, and many dangerous bacteria can jump to your toothbrush.

 3. Do not cover the toothbrush

Plastic caps for toothbrushes shall be abided only for emergency aid for traveling.

Below the cap the brush lints remain wet which makes it a very good place for the development of overgrowth of yeast, bacteria and other dangerous health micro-organisms which then enter directly into the mouth.

 4. The toothbrush must stand horizontally

If you dispose the brush vertically, or in a glass it will dry out more quickly and thus prevent the development of germs.

But if it’s lying, except that it will remain wet longer, there are big chances that you will pick up a number of bacteria.

 5. Do not use an old toothbrush

It should not be older than three to four months. If its lints bloom and deform you should not wait, but replace it with a new one. If you’ve been sick or have a cold, discard the old toothbrush because there are many other microorganisms that can easily be transferred to your household.