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5 Healthy And Unexpensive Ways For Whitening Teeth

If you want shiny white teeth as the Hollywood actresses have, you would have to make adjustments in a professional dentist, but if you want to whiten a bit, here are some great tips.WhiteningTeeth

1.Eat an apple a day
Apples contain acids that naturally removes stains on teeth and also maintain whitenes, says experts . Therefore, instead of chocolate chips, try  eating  healthy apples.
2.Wash your  mouth with apple cider vinegar 
Just like apples, apple cider vinegar removes stains, so you can use a few days rather than a means for rinsing the mouth.


3.Drink through a straw
Coffee, teas and juices stain our teeth.And if you want to prevent it, then try as often as you can to  drink with a straw.
4.Kiss more
This is good news. Researchers proved that people who have more kissing have brighter teeth, because during kissing produce extra saliva that naturally whitens teeth.
5.Eat and drink more dairy products
Milk, cheese and yogurt are filled with calcium, which is healthy for your teeth, but also contributes to their good looks.

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