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5 Natural Pain Relief Food

When you feel pain in any part of your body first thing you need to contact should not be the drugs. First, try your luck with natural pain relief foods.


Are you struggling with unbearable muscle pains after sports? This could be the solution to your situation. Drinking two cups of coffee a day reduces 48 percent of the pain.

Chamomile tea
For centuries, stomach disorders, insomnia, anxiety are cured with chamomile tea.

For stomach ailments, colds, ginger is thought to be curative. If you consume every day, it also can help to the relief of muscle soreness after exercise.

Oily fish
Salmon, mackerel are rich with omega-3 fatty acids and are natural holders of anti-inflammatory property . Oily fish contains omega-3 which is effective for relief of rheumatic pain. Reserchers recommend consuming oily fishes to rheumatic patients.

Antioxidants found in cherries,can be curative to joint pain caused by arthritis and has the effect of reducing chronic inflammation. In a survey conducted before the cherry has revealed that reduces muscle pain

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