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5 Simple Tips To Speed Up Metabolism After 40’s

After the ’40 ‘s metabolism is reduced by about 5 percent every 10 years. It happens due to the loss of muscle mass and accumulation of fatty deposits.  A matter of fact, is there anyone who does not want to burn more calories without putting much effort? Like to spend more calories? Here is how you can do itthumbs_44146-cfakepathfitmetabolismmain

1. Shower with cold water - during the shower alternately change the temperature of hot water  to cold. Researches show that it improves circulation by stimulating which will positively influence the speed of metabolism.
2.Do not skip meals- skipping meals slows metabolism. So do not allow yourself to spend more than 5 hours without eating something.   By eating breakfast soon after waking ,body develops faster metabolism and wakes quickly.
3.Protein without fat- eat “lean” protein. Chicken without skin, egg white, etc. A Dutch study found that in people who eat meals containing 30% of protein , metabolism is accelerated during the entire day and night, even during sleep.

4 .Select carbohydrates - choose a food consisting of complex carbohydrates.  Select rye instead of white bread and oatmeal instead of sugary cereals. The digestion of these carbohydrates the body will spend more time and energy, which will encourage metabolism. Also, they usually contain fewer calories than others. Council plus:Season food with red pepper, black pepper and ginger  will burn more calories immediately after eating.
5. Exercise intervals with intense effort- every day, observe at least a few minutes of intense aerobic exercise, whether it’s a sprint to the nature or intensive driving the stationary bike indoors. It is best to do intervals with greater effort within the rest of the workout, not separately. Scientific studies showed that this kind of exercise can significantly speed up your metabolism in just two weeks.