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5 Steps To Make Manicure At Home

Hands- one of the most important elements of a women body. They can not be hidden, so they should be beautiful and well-kept. Do not spent tons of money to beauty salons to make manicure. You can do it yourself at home. It will be more sterile, practical and cheap as well.Manicure-RT_4

1.First of all wash you hands and nails thoroughly with soap and water. If you have nail polish clear it. Acetone can damage the nail, so try to clear it with gentle movements.
TIP:if you have difficulties to clear dark nail polish , before it use transparent nail polish. It will also increase the durability.
2.Prepare 1 cup of water with lemon and olive oil and soak your hands there. Olive oil will soften the hands and lemon will whiten the nails.
3.Wash your hands again just with water and then cut your nails but not too much. Never cut the cuticles. The cuticle, protects your hands from fungal infections. Gently with wooden stick push them to the bottom of the nail to hide them.mn

4.After you have finished to moisturize nails use hand cream  and do massage to nails to absorb the cream .
5.After the absorbtion of the cream you can start rubbing the nail polish. If you want to use it longer time, apply transparent nail polish to the top and to the bottom.
TIP:After you have rubbed your nail polish , soak them in ice water. It helps to dry the nail polish more quickly. However, this process will reduce the life of your nail polish.


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