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6 Unknown Benefits of Lemon

As we know, lemon is a depo of vitamin C. But, in fact this fruit embodies many udeful things.


We have wonderful reasons to consume this citrus fruit which has a high percentage of potassium and fiber. It also helps with weight loss which occurs it at the beginning of them!

  • Strenghtens the immune system: vitamin C is one of the most important factors that strengthens the immune system. This vitamin, which expect lemon can also been found in some other citrus fruits like oranges, also reduces the stress.Experts say that consuming vitamin C in stressful days , can relieve us.
  • Potassium source: expect vitamin C, lemon also includes high amount of potassium. Potassium is important for your heart health, brain and specificly for the nerve functions.
  • Helps to lose weight: lemon, containing a fiber known as pectin, helps to keep us full and not to have hunger crisis. It also allows you to rid the body of toxins and cleanses our body.
  • Gives energy: drinking lemon juice raises the energy. Lemon, which helps to relieve the nerve system, also prevents boredom and depression.
  • Prevents from caffeine damages: driping a few drops of lemon juice to your coffee or your tea prevents entering of the harmful effects of caffeine into th body.
  • Prevents viral infections: hot lemon juice is one of the best drinks against viral infections and sore throat. Lemon juice strenghtens the immune system and lead war to infections. If you can not drink lemon juice, you can add it into your herbal tea.