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6 Worst Habits That Can Damage Your Emotional Health

Just like your physical health and your emotional health can be affected by many habits. People usually do not notice these habits, because in our eyes they appear harmless.


Sabotaging Yourself
We as humans, often sabotage our happiness. We think things will undermine the  confidence in ourselves. Not knowing  your own strength  and not being  able to appreciate what you are is the worst thing you can do to yourself.  Be aware of your own power and success.

Not sleeping enough
You are wrong if you think that sleep is not  important. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. So than, you will feel more energetic and happy.

Having your negative inner dialogue
Usually when we are talking to ourselves we have  negative thoughts. However, we must be positive and optimistic. Do not be so cruel to yourself.

Eating right and exercise
Healthy diet and doing  sports at least 20 minutes a day, helps you feel better about yourself. When you will feed properly, you will feel more energetic and refreshed. Also, regular exercise avoids negative emotions such as anxiety.

Be the fiercest critics of yourself
One of the things that affect your emotional health , is that you make the  ruthless criticism against yourself. Putting  yourself unrealistic goals will wear you down. Reduce your expectations , but also don’t give up so much loaded to yourself.

Apologize when it’s needed
People generally accept that they are wrong when they avoid it and do not apologize. If you think you’re doing the right thing and then you understand that it was wrong, learn  to apologize .