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7 Habits From Which Women Should Give Up

Ways that you do not give up for the sake of beauty, may be sabotaging your beauty in the long term. For a better view, make sure that you do them and try not to practice anymore .


1.Sleeping with makeup
This condition can cause too many problems. Clogged pores and pimples do not want to just take a few minutes before going to bed to remove your makeup. Your skin will thank you!

2.Using dirty makeup brushes
Lip and eye make-up brushes, if are not cleaned regularly, can contain bacteria and carry the risk of infection. Despite cleaning brush if you have lost the old functionality, time has come to say goodbye.

3. Lick your lips
Licking your lips, can trigger a dangerous vicious cycle! Keep lip balm with you and use it when your lips are dry.

4. Use sunscream,
Use suncream , it will keep your skin soft and wrinkle for a long time. Whether you’re dark-skinned sun never neglect!