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7 Most Important Minerals That Beautifies

When it comes to beauty and health 7 minerals are mentioned. Come, let’s scrutinize them:

Beauty-Salon-Colac-Home2Zinc- Very effective against acne. When used in conjunction with vitamin ensures the disappearance of acne and pimples. Plays an important role in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Zinc supports cell renewal and at the same time beautifies and rejuvenates the skin.
Sulfur- An essential mineral for health  of skin, hair and nails. This beauty mineral, is in our every cell. Regulates the sodium-potassium balance, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. Sulfur, gives hair shine and sparkle and strengthens nails.
Selenium- Considered as super antioxidant mineral, selenium, slows down the aging process of tissues. Selenium gives elasticity to the tissues and is important to prevent premature aging.
Silica- Silica helps the production of collagen, strengthens bones, prevents wrinkles and tighten skin.


Copper- Copper, is in many moisturizers, because helps to produce copper collagen and elastin molecules which trap moisture .
Calcium-  In the human body there are 13 basic ingredients of calcium in the structure and most of them constitute the main item.  Provides the durability and viability of tissues and cells .It is the most important building material of bones and teeth.
Magnesium- Because the body itself can not produce this mineral, it should be taken through foods.


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