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7 Reasons To Start Yoga Immediately

7 reasons to start yoga immediatelyyoga1

Provides flexibility
Yoga, which add flexibility to the body is one of the most important sports.Opens muscles, streches spine  and accelerates blood circulation-this exercise will assist you to have a more elastic body.
The risk of injury is very low
If long-distance running or doing strenuous sports like boxing, you can  damage your muscles and your risk of injury is very hig.However, yoga is a very low risk of encountering such problems.Movements are made  quiet and slowly which makes this exercise to  strengthen and stretche the body slowly.
Neck pain is relieved
Stress, physically reverse  movements, working at the computer or talking to much on phone can cause damage to the neck muscles. Yoga on the ‘bridge’ position as open neck and prevents formation of pain.



It helps you to take all the stress out from the body
Yoga  is one of the best exercises to relief the stress. It support the secretion of endorphins (happiness hormone) and at the same time will not make you tired at all.
Allows you to sleep better
Expect that removes stress from the body, yoga, also solves the problem of insomnia.In Yoga “Pranayama” is called breathing exercises,which  helps to relax. These exercises also known as “yogic sleep“,  lowers blood pressure.
Improves the function of organs
Yoga allows you to move your muscles in a better way, improves circulation, regulates your breath, and your whole body will work better
Will not hurt your budget
After learning to do yoga once you don’t have to go on fitness center and do not have to spend money. In short, you can continue yoga exercises at home. The only thing you need is a spacious room and a yoga mat.