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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Health Benefits of Beer
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Speaking about health and alcohol, people usually think that you are about to speak about wine. We all know all the health benefits of wine while beer is always that type of alcohol that is guilty for those unattractive beer bellies. However, before totally giving up on this cooling and delicious beverage, make sure that you know all about its benefits as well. It is less known that beer has many good things going on and that it can truly make your health better. Here are just a couple of things that you can freely tell your friends the next time they talk badly about beer and tell you that it’s healthier to drink wine.


We all know that beer has a lot of vitamin B. Among the vitamins of this group are vitamins B6 and B12. Here is why you should care: B6 is also called pyridoxine. This substance is essential for good function of the nerves and the entire nervous system. It doesn’t get much more important than that! And beer, especially dark beer has tons of it. B12, besides contributing to the nervous system functions also helps producing blood.


Beer has iron in it. Iron is very important for blood circulation, supplying your system with oxygen and many more things. Therefore, this is another excellent thing that beer provides you with.


The alcohol and the vitamins of the B group are also very much responsible for the forming and the release of the serotonin in the blood. This hormone is the substance that makes us feel good and it relieves us from stress. Simply by doing that, it consequently does wonders for all the stress related diseases and illnesses. Heart rate, hypertension, anxiety, irritability, muscular tension and many more.

Good for Kidneys

In well dosed quantities, beer will do wonders for your kidneys. With all that water that it contains and the diuretic effects, beers reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. This has been researched thoroughly and the research has shown that those people who drink beer have a much lower risk of developing kidney stones than those who regularly drink wine. That is one thing that you definitely have on those wine drinkers.


One amazing and less known fact about beer is that it contains silicone. This element is very important for the strength of your bones. This is true if you are having one or two beers a day. In those amounts, you will definitely reduce the risk of having bones fractured. While you are younger, it doesn’t seem that important, but the researchers say that beer drinkers make far less cases of hip fractures in mature age. Now, that is something that is really worth considering.

System Cleansing

Surprisingly enough, beer is full of fiber. With that in mind, you may easily conclude that this fiber will go through your digestive tract and make you release all that bad stuff that shouldn’t be there anymore. Also, it is mostly water. You can learn that if you try to learn how to make beer, because homemade beer can be excellent. This means that you will have more need to visit the bathroom and all the toxins will be eliminated from your body. Not to mention the hydration that is needed to keep your system up and running.

While drinking beer has all sorts of benefits, some dangers are there as well. All these benefits will be yours if you keep the dosage right. One or two beers a day is enough. More than that will reverse all these things into bad influences. Also, keep in mind the calories in beer. While dark beer has far more great ingredients it also contains far more calories.

Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Core Brewing Concepts.