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8 Practical Kitchen Tricks

 8 practical kitchen tricks9-Quick-Kitchen-Tricks-To-Make-Your-Life-Easier-by-Mikey-Rox-1

1.Protect your potatoes from appearance of germ
Keep potatoes in a dark place. To prevent the occurrence of germ, place one apple in a sack with potatoes. Replace the apple every week.
2.Conserve tomato sauce
Very often for preparation of various recipes we need only a small amount of tomato sauce. If you always buy one packaging, after every cooking you wonder what to make with the rest. The rest of tomato sauce you can freeze  in the form of ice cubes and you can use it again when you need it.
3.White rice
To save the beautiful white color of the rice, while you cook it, add a few drops of lemon.

4.Freshly peeled apple
If you want the peeled apple to not change his color, put on it a few drops of lemon.
5.Salty food.
If the meal is salted than it should be, add to it some tomatoes without husk. He will take away a part of the salt. If the meal that is cooking is like a soup then put in it 2-3 big chunks potatoes.
6.Greener vegetables
If you don’t overlapped with lid until vegetables are cooked, they stay greener.
7.Remove the smell of onion or garlic from your hands
To remove unpleasant smell from your hands after contact with garlic or onions, rub your hands with one teaspoon salt, mixed with a little water. Rub a few minutes and wash your hands with cold water.
8.Too greasy soup or melting pot
To remove the excessive oil, which erupted over the soup or the melting pot, put on it  one piece of white bread.