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A Few Tricks To Get Rid Of The Water Remained In Your Ear

 A Few Tricks To Get Rid Of The Water Remained In Your Ear

If none of these tricks does help, see your doctor.

In the summer, we are all swimming, , water poured, and it happens to us to retain water in the ear. In addition to being uncomfortable, it can be dangerous also because it can lead to ear infections.

Here are a few ways to get rid of water in your ear, but if any trick does not help go and see your doctor.

Make drops of alcohol and also vinegar

This mixture will release the passage leading from the ears and also along with it will prevent from infection. The process is simple. Put half a bottle of alcohol and also half of white vinegar and also a dropper put a few drops in the ear.

Drain it in your ear by tilting the head. The acid will break down the earwax in the ear and also make the passage, and alcohol will help in the evaporation of water. This should not be practiced acts if you have a damaged eardrum.

Dry it with hot air

If you find one at hand, use a hair dryer. Set it at the weakest and place it 11.8 inches from the ear. Warm air will encourage the evaporation of water.

Jump on one leg

Tilt your head to the side where the ear is full of water, stand on one leg and jump. At the same time pull the earlobe because it can spread a little ear canal.

Lie down and rely on gravity

Lie face down with the ear in which the water is down and stay there for a few minutes. Gravity could make it i.e. Water will drain out of the ear because it will find a hole from which it will come out.

Chew and act like you chew

The bones of the jaw are close to the ear and It helps if you do movements as chewing food. Eat something, put a piece of gum in your mouth and simply improvise. At the same time, tilt your head down to your ear is not affected by water and suddenly turns it around.