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A Safe, Easy Way To Strengthens Your Bones

Foods that strengthens bones, should be frequently consumed…



Starting from birth until the end of puberty,a significant role should be given to bone development. During this period, the bones are developed rapidly,are amplified and lengthened,and therefore the body’s calcium needs are enormous. However, the calcium intake should be given in adulthood too, because the calcium that was acquired until then is used and that amount of lost calcium should be replaced in some way.

Therefore, foods that strengthens bones,should be frequently consumed. Milk and dairy products, are located on the top of the nutrients that strengthens bones. People who do not like drinking milk , can consume yogurt. Cheese is also a source of calcium, but because it contains fat, can lead to gain weight. Highest calcium is included in the curd (curd cheese). It is also healthier, because it is lean.

From the group of nuts, almond is a super source of calcium. Therefore, it should be frequently consumed. Sardines are known as calcium stores. Sardines, also contain vitamin D, from which we can only benefit by the effect of sun. A further bone strengthen food is salmon. Salmon, such as sardines, contains a high percentage of vitamin D.
Eggs, due to the content of both calcium and vitamin D, should be never missed from the table. Green leafy vegetables and herbs are also extremely rich in calcium. In order to benefit more from these vegetables vitamins, they should be consumed raw.
In this context, spinach and chard has come to the fore. Also, beans, lentils and soy foods are beneficial to bones. Those foods strengthens bones. However factors that negatively affect bone development such as smoking, staying away from the stress should be avoided. Also dishes that are made from boiled boned meat has a very important influence in bone development.