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All You Need To Know About Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise-most of you just can’t resist. You want and consume regularly. Simply it  represents food that you can’t imagine lunch without it. Are you in this category? If the answer is yes, then there are things that you have to know about mayonnaise, before continuing to enjoy it.mayonnaise_16x9

Mayonnaise is a commodity that has tremendous calorific value. In 100 grams of mayonnaise has about 700 calories, which puts mayonnaise in the list of the top caloric foods. Fats make up more than 75% of the mayonnaise, derived from plant oils. There are easier versions of mayonnaise, but they contain about 50% of fats. First you must know that mayonnaise is the biggest enemy of those who try to avoid weight gain, those who want to have shaped body and beautiful line. It is also important to note that mayonnaise is a big enemy of the people who have problems with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, because the mayonnaise is almost completely comprised of fats.

Mayonnaise unfortunately contain very large amounts of additives, salt and other supplements which gives a beautiful flavor. Because of these additives, you can’t do tasty homemade mayonnaise, like the one you will buy from market. Experts advise that instead of mayonnaise you can try to use young cheese or yogurt, because if mayonnaise is consumed regularly it can be really harmful, especially for cardio-vascular system, and with certainty will create an excess calories. We agree that mayonnaise has an excellent flavor, but be warned, unfortunately mayonnaise is not on the list of healthy foods for consumption.