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Altaic Remedy is all You Need: Rejuvenate the Whole Body!

Altaic Remedy is all You Need: Rejuvenate the Whole Body!

The secret ingredients of this miraculous mixture of pine seeds are-valuable amino acids which will rejuvenate your body at several levels. If you want the real bomb for your health that will revitalize your body at several levels you are at the right place! The Miracle Altaic balm has the power to rejuvenate the whole body, thanks to the amino acids that are found in the secret ingredient – pine seeds!

Its’ regular consumption increases metabolism and digestion, great ally in weight loss and excellent in regeneration of damaged skin, healing wounds, bruises and burns. Also, this miraculous balm can help to restore mobility and joints, clean the lymphatic system and blood vessels, strengthen the immune system, and even improve vision and hearing!

The important thing is Altaic balm prevent cancer disease and the men admire this remedy from the ancient time, because of a positive effect on potency. Additionally, this balm prevents the deposition of salt in the body, the great prevention of many diseases, so hurry up and start with preparation!


17.6 oz (500 gr) pine seeds (pine nuts) in the shell,
2.2 pounds (1 kg) of sugar and 1 liter of vodka quality.


Pine seeds with shell, pour into a jar with volume of 101.4 oz (3 liters), sprinkle with 2.2 pounds (1 kg) sugar. Pour over a liter of vodka, seal the jar and let stand in a warm and dark place for three days. After three days, strain it fluency and pour into opaque glass bottle, and keep in a dark place.

Use: Drink one tablespoon of the balm three times a day for one month.