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Applies For The Smokers: 4 Lightest ‘Recipes’ That Extend Life For 7 Years

 Applies For The Smokers: 4 Lightest ‘Recipes’ That Extend Life For 7 Years

Being optimistic, especially in middle of your age, is proven to extend life for at least eight years, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status and physical health, so applies to smokers, according to a large US study of Yale University. If you want to live longer, you should practice these 4 optimistic behaviors every day.

1. Be social

People who at least once a week ‘practice socializing with other people (outside of work) live longer, keep cleverness and are under lower risk of a heart attack. Ordinary telephone conversation with a friend lowers the blood pressure and levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress.

The research spent by Yale University proved that maintain long-term friendship works just as well on physical health as well as physical activity and not smoking. Socializing in live is even better so before you finish a phone conversation with a friend arrange a coffee or lunch

2. Show appreciation

Writing happy moments on paper, computer or cell phone will improve your mood. Keep track of all the things that you appreciate, eather it was the smallest of things, generally you will be more optimistic and satisfied with your lives. The research has proven that people who show gratitude are feeling physically stronger. Grateful people also are “vaccinated” against resentment and anger.

However, experts point out that by showing gratitude you should not exaggerated and that should not be understood as an obligation. It is the best once a week to write down what you’re grateful for into your diary of gratitude.

3. Do good things

Five good things of every day are the magic figure that will make you happier. It can be little things – raise the elderly person or a pregnant woman on the bus, treat your self to a colleague at work with coffee, give homeless five dollards. You will enrich your day and to whom you helped, and showed attention. Thank yourself that you help someone and make you feel more satisfied in your own skin.

4. Re-live the happiest moments in your thoughts

We can extend the life of its own if in thought or writing it down on paper, we experience again the happy moments that we have experienced in the past. In this way, among other things, you’ll recall all that you have achieved in life which will raise your confidence.

If we want to live longer it is also helpful to think about the bad that has not happened to us. After passing a few years you may more clearly see the reasons for the break-up of the love affairs or business failure and realize that those ‘defeats “opened new doors brought new opportunities.

Make peace with your past and you will easier cope with difficult situations that are before you.