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Are Your Breasts Healthy: Test That Will Resolve All Doubts! (VIDEO)

Are Your Breasts Healthy: Test That Will Resolve All Doubts! (VIDEO)

Every second woman at least once in a lifetime wondered if her breasts are normal Women often suspect in their physical appearance and studying things “Spotlight”.

Thus every other woman at least once in their lifetime wonder if her breasts are normal or you stand out from the average by proportion, shape or other details.

For most women the breasts are not the same size, and the left is usually larger than the other. Although the difference is subtle, the size may vary.

The hair around the nipples is quite normal and is more pronounced and more frequently for women with polycystic ovary syndrome or any other condition associated with hormonal imbalance. It is best to shorten with scissors if you bother, and avoid pulling out because it easily leads to ingrown hairs.

Size has nothing to do with the size of the nipple, both of which depend primarily on the genetics, and the second factor is the amount of total body fat. Women with more weight generally have larger breasts and vice versa.

It is not unusual to have large nipples on small breasts or small to large.

Breasts can not increase the natural way, but exercise the chest muscles will have the effect of lifting, which is why they may look larger. If from nipple comes out liquid, it is not surprising if you are pregnant or has recently given birth. Otherwise, it would be good to see a doctor.

The color of the nipple also depends from woman to woman, so some may have a rosy, and some brown.

The color of the nipples changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding usually in a darker color. Stretch marks on breasts are normal, whether due to rapid growth – puberty, pregnancy or abrupt weight gain.

Over time, become less visible.

From 10 to 20 percent of women have one inverted nipples.

It is not a problem if the nipples were always been this way. Lumps in the breast are not immediately sign of concern because a large number of women have cysts in them. However, if there is a new lump or feel pain, be sure to see a doctor.