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Ascertain Whether The Coffee Is 100% Real And Pure

 Ascertain Whether The Coffee Is 100% Real And Pure

Find out if you drink carob, chickpeas, cereals, corn, baked beans, acorn…

A large number of roasters around the country frequently offer homemade coffee, which next to the coffee contains additives, so-called surrogates such as cereals, nautical, industrial peas, corn derivatives, or even acorns, not respecting the rules of highlighting the data written on the declaration and on the front of the pack.

The Consumer Protection Act does not prohibit the addition of a surrogate, but requires specifying what percentage are present surrogates.

To be able to check whether your product under the “coffee” do not sell other ingredients, do a simple test that is based on the fact that iodine and starch (such as barley) give extremely complex blue color.

We present to you the way you can do this test.

¬†1. Cook “domestic” Coffee

2. Pour the coffee into a cup and remove the foam

3. Leave it cool, and the precipitate to settle

4. In a glass of cold water (200 ml), pour 3 tablespoons of coffee

5. Add 4 teaspoons vinegar and stir

6. Add the povidone iodine (as in a jet out from the original package)

7. If the coffee is without additives, the color remains the same. If coffee is “enriched” with supplements the color will change to blue.