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Bad Weather and Headaches : German Experts Launched Radar for Migraines!

Bad Weather and Headaches : German Experts Launched Radar for Migraines!

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Institute for Information Systems in the German city of Hofu runs extensive research that should determine how weather affects exactly the occurrence of migraine. Project radar for migraines started the experts who themselves suffer from frequent headaches. Until now, it appeared more than a thousand people who want to be guinea pigs.

“The point is to explore what triggers migraines. It is known that there are certain so-called triggers that for that come to your mind. But a lot of things in this area have not been explored “- explains Professor Jörg Scheidt Institute. The idea for such radar was born somewhat unusual, said Scheidt. “We seated together, the five of us, and three suffered from migraines.

Then we discuss whether we could do something about that.” – he said for Deutsche Welle. Respondents led electronic diary of migraine attacks. For research purposes, would be need about 6,000 volunteers, who will through the website or applications for Android keep a diary of headaches. So far, the project involved 1,000 volunteers.

“Every second patient tells us: ‘I noticed that the time causes. But nowhere in the world has not been implemented not a single study that could confirmed it. ‘Migraine radar’ should include information in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, “says Dr. Roland Brand.

Comparing data from the meteorological service:

The weather in this study occupy a central role. Scientists seek to answer questions such as which part of Germany are frequent headaches, or if at the same time may have been significant changes in atmospheric pressure or extreme temperature fluctuations? The data collected during the evaluation are compared with data from the German Weather Service.

Weekend migraine:

There are also other factors that play a significant role in the study. Stress, in fact, can cause migraine or if someone does not have a regular daily rhythm. From that affected primarily are the people who work in shifts. “According to the data we’ve collected, we noticed that migraine attacks very often on Saturdays,” explained Scheidt.

Every result is beneficial:

Migraine is a genetic-neurological disease, explains Brand. Regardless of the results of that study will come, Brand believes it is still important the following: “If it turns out that there is no real connection between weather and migraine, then this is scientifically interesting. I’m glad that we bring some clarity. “But, it will be necessary to wait another two to three years.