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Be a Mother Later, Live Longer

Women with career  pushtheir time  to become a mother after the age of 30. Now all of you who think to do the same thing  have reason to rejoice, as the researchers found that women who give birth to children later in their lives, tend to live longer.


The oldest age of a child born is also associated with the great possibilities for surviving an extremely old age, the results showed. This study included 462 women who found a considerable about being a mother in a older age, where women who had children after age 33 years, were likely to live longer compared with those who had a child their last before age 29 years.

However, it is noticed that having more children, three or more, directly affects the increase of life expectancy mother. Mortality was not awarded to women who had no children. According to the authors, the fact that numerous studies have documented the same relationship between older age of mothers  at birth and length of life through exercises in the gym, are as a selective force for favorable genetic  variants for a longer life.

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