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Beneficially Teas For Everyone

Consume herbal teas as much as you can, they can really be good  for your health. Here are some of them :

Black tea:
The main benefits of black tea: strengthens the immune system; fights agains free redicals (molecules that damage cells and tissues); prevents atherosclerosis and improves the function of blood vessels; lowers blood pressure; significantly reduces circulatory system discomforts; heart attack and stroke; it is effective against infections; it has also the preventer effect of tumor formation; is effective against mesh valve cancer. Black tea contains magnesium,potassium, calcium,vitamin C and K. Things that should be considered while consuming black tea: the recommended amount should not be exceeded (2-5 cups a day) also it should be consumed without sugar. If it consumed in too much amounts can occur anemia.

Green tea:
It is a type of tea wich is mostly consumed in Asian countries. This tea sompared to black tea has a lighter taste. Substances contained in green tea have anticancer properties. 50 % reduces the risk of cancer in women. It has an inhibiting effect for the spread of breast cancer. Is effective in protecting the lungs. It also reduces the harmful effects of smoking.

White tea:
Is a type of tea which has a less consumption. According to black and green tea, white tea is less precessed and also contains more antioxidants. Caffeine ratio is low and the taste is mild. It is effective against viruses and bacteria. Due to it’s antioxidant properties, it have anticancer effects. Contains C and K vitamins.