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Benefits of Frequently Consumed Nuts

In our daily lives as a snack, next to a variety of drinks we love to consume nuts.


Those nuts has many benefits to our body. Also the useful ones are not those who a roasted salty nuts but raw is more healthy and more beneficial. We should consume in moderation,because excessive amounts could damage. Let’s take a look at contents of some nuts, or better said vegetable oil and vitamin stores, and their effects on our body.


Containing iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and omeg-3 fatty acid, is very beneficial in terms of cardiovascular health. Helps to lower LDL cholesterol and gives power and energy . Positively affects in brain function and memory . Beautifies the skin . By affecting positively in renal function, it accelarates the healing process of stone and sand dropping diseases.  It delays aging . With vitamin B5 in it reduces stress and avoids tension


Has an effect in increasing breast milk . Positively affect the heart and vascular functions, lowers LOL cholesterol. It balances blood sugar. Due to the contain of magnesium it prevents premenstrual bloating . Strengthens bones, and delays bone resorption. Accelerates wound healing


Improves brain functions . Helps to protect the flexibility of blood vessels. Strengthens bones . Fiber that valnut contains positively affects to the digestion. Due to it’s antioxidant content, it helps to prevent the development of cancer.


Helps to lower LDL cholesterol . Balances blood sugar. Accelerates wound healing . It also helps to cut coughing