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Blow Away the Sinuses in 30 Seconds

Blow away the sinuses in 30 seconds

Easy and effective method to get rid of the accumulated mucus, without any pharmaceutical products

Summer time is the time of air conditioner, when the difference in external temperature and the room’s one, first hurt sinuses.

This is not a method that can cure the cause, but it can help in critical situations. It would be good you include spicy and hot foods in your diet, because it works against clogged sinuses by the nasal cavities side. In addition, you can keep at the forefront sea salt, heated to 40 degrees, wrapped in a tissue.

Here’s how you can blow away your sinuses:

First step – put your tongue on the palate and press it really good, make a movement as if you want to insert the tongue in the throat, but the pressure it remains along the palate.

Second step – put the thumb on the point, which is located exactly between the eyebrows.

The third step – Press the finger point between the eyebrows. Pressure should be pretty strong, and at the same time do the described movement of the tongue, all in 30 seconds.

The nose should immediately leak and sinuses get rid of the accumulated mucus. During this exercise, the bone around the side of the nasal cavity is moving a little and that’s how is releasing the channels.