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Checked! Powerful 3 Tips Against The Worst Body Odor

Checked! Powerful 3 Tips Against The Worst Body Odor

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You should never be in the situation that people are uncomfortable around you. If you are medically healthy, with a few helpful tips you can easily prevent a situation in which you can bring bad breath or odor of sweat after a long day

1. Armpits

- The most important thing is to regularly remove underarm hair because on them retain bacteria.

- After every shower, apply underarm deodorant apply, and the best are those without aluminum because it does not clog pores and do not disturb the work of the gland.

- When you feel that your armpits are wet, and you are not able to take a shower, wipe it with antibacterial wet wipe. When the armpit is dry, reapply the deodorant.

- Stress also boosts sweating. If you sweat excessively, try a recipe that specifically affects the underarms lie down and relax. When you lie on your back, sweating will be reduced or will stop completely.

2. Legs

- Before you put on your shoes, wash your feet, and wipe them, especially the area between the toes and sprinkle your feet with baby powder in powder or that of the foot.

- Do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Ventilate your shoes and Obuvajte until completely dry.

- Never put on shoes without socks. The legs then are sweating even more; footwear is constantly moist and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

- Every day suit your feet a bath of black tea. It must be cold and strong, and soak your feet in it for half an hour. Black tea, in fact, contains tannin, plant polyphenols, which closes the pores of sweat glands and kills the bacteria that cause odor. After weeks of therapy the sweating will be lower. Repeat the treatment after a month.

- Use anti-sweat and anti-odor feet deodorants that you can buy at any pharmacy or perfumery.

3. Mouth

- Every night, before you brush your teeth, clean them with dental floss. Wash your teeth at least twice a day, and during the day with you keep refreshing spray or mouthwash and chew sugarless gum or suck mints.

- Do not skip meals. For some people, bad breath is caused by hunger, and disappears immediately after a meal.

- Eat a varied food. Nutrition based on fats and proteins, without enough carbohydrates cause bad breath due to decomposition of food in the intestines.

- You should eat onions and garlic on Friday night. The aroma of onions and garlic, boiled eggs, cheese and alcohol can not be neutralized by brushing, and even chewing gum.
The unpleasant smell can be felt as long as the body is fully purged with these foods.

- Drink plenty of fluids. Pickled breath occurs when your body is dehydrated.

- Bad breath may be the result of a pathological process in the body and then it is possible to remove only the treatment of the underlying disease.
These are the most common diseases of the respiratory and digestive tract, or diabetes.