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Cholesterol- Discover How To Reduce It

When people mention the word “cholesterol”, the only think that comes to mind is that is something that occur in advanced age. However, nowadays irregular eating habits, unhealthy living conditions , is causing emergence of cholesterol in younger age.Olive oil, garlic, artichokes and natural foods like fish; avoids our enemy. Many people with high cholesterol, actually are not even aware of it. However, this situation is dangerous and should be taken seriously.

Good and bad aspects
Cholesterol is an oily substance found in our body like heart, brain, liver, nerves, intestines and generally all. It is known that cholesterol activets some hormones in humans body. On the other hand begins to accumulate as fat molecules in the heart and can lead to serious consequences. Our body in the liver produces cholesterol every day 1 to 1.5 milligrams (mg)

Good cholesterol – bad cholesterol
Benign cholesterol, HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol in the blood returns a portion of cholesterol in the blood to the liver and cleans a portion of cholesterol that is accumulated in the vessels .The normal value is above 40 mg per deciliter.When it drops below 35 mg. increases the likelihood of heart disease.
Malignant cholesterol, LDL’s (Low Density Lipoprotein: low-density lipoprotein) if it is in a high level can blockage the leading arteries to the heart and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.The normal value per deciliter is below 160 mg.
Total cholesterol, means the sum of good and bad cholesterol. The ideal level is below 200 mg per deciliter.

Change your habits
Researching on the subject; doing regular sport and a healthy diet shows that lower cholesterol. Red meat, fish, white meat, butter, eggs, milk and cream are foods that have cholesterol.

Healthy foods:
olive oil: reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.
Vegetables, fruits and grains does not include cholesterol.
Fish oil lowers cholesterol .However, artichokes and garlic creates the same effect.