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Could bad Weather Condition Triggers Migraine?

Could bad Weather Condition Triggers Migraine?

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Is bad weather the reason for headache attacks? Many patients are convinced that it is. And now, is it true or not? The project “migraine radar” should now help to solve this dilemma.”The point is to explore what triggers migraine. It is known that there are certain so-called triggers they come on mind. But a lot of things in this area has not been explored,” explains Professor Jörg Scheidt with the Institute for Information Systems at the University Hofu. At that institute is developed “migraine radar”. The research is primarily on the impact of weather conditions on the occurrence of migraine attacks. The idea was borned somewhat unusual, said Scheidt. “We seated together, the five of us, and three suffered from migraines. Then we discuss whether we could do something about that.”

Respondents were leading electronic diary of migraine attacks. The “migraine radar” has already started in 2011 with the support of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The present study is set to significantly broader foundation and collects different data to be able to do something about that. ”

This study is the first in the world that thoroughly investigate whether migraine attacks associated with weather conditions, says Dr. Roland Brand from the clinic for migraine and headache in Koenigstein. “Every second patient tells us: ‘I notice that the weather causes’. But, nowhere in the world is no single study that could confirm that. ‘Migraine radar’ should include information in Germany, Switzerland and Austria,” said Dr. Brand. Clinic in Koenigstein and University Clinic of Rostock participate in research in the framework of this project.

Compare the data from the meteorological service. Time and the weather conditions in the study are having central role. Scientists are trying to answer questions like: How the Federal State, in which the area is experiencing the greatest number of migraine attacks? Is it at the same time may have been significant changes in atmospheric pressure or extreme temperature fluctuations? Is there any connection between these phenomena? The data collected during the evaluation are compared with data from the German Weather Service.

What kind of medical benefit the patient may have from that study? If you come to a result that certain weather conditions with high probability cause migraines, then the patient could perhaps better control the disease,- said Scheidt. He notes that, if this hypothesis is confirmed, patients could also arrange if the weather forecast is bad for them, to cancel the important appointments and to “reduce possible stress”.

Weekend migraine. Beyond the weather, there are other factors that play a significant role in the study. Is it a man or a woman? Man retired or a student? Employed full time or part-time? Stress, in fact, can cause migraine or if someone does not have a regular daily rhythm. From that the primarily affected are the people who work in shifts. The people who suffer from migraines lead to attacks or at worst to hit them when they are free, for example on weekends. “According to the data we have, we noticed that migraine attacks very common on Saturdays,”- explained Scheidt.

Every result is beneficial. Every tenth resident in Germany suffers from migraines and of a very painful headache attacks that can even keep track of nausea and vomiting. Darken the room, lie down, taking a headache tablet. That is what patients can do to relief the pain.

Migraine is a genetic-neurological disease, explains Brand. He adds that migraine people who have a genetic tendency to the disease often have for a lifetime. The analysis of the collected data to apply modern techniques such as data mining (for ex., data mining) and is used and artificial intelligence. Participants are anonymous, their participation is coded by numbers, and the results can be learned individually. “We program the evaluation, and it then the computer creates specifically for the patient. Of course, that only the person concerned may have access to the data,” said Scheidt. Regardless of the results that this study will come, Brand believes it is still important: “If it turns out that there is no real connection between weather and migraine, then this is scientifically interesting. I’m glad that we will bring some clarity.” But, it will be necessary to wait another two or three years.