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Countless Influence Of Dried Fruits To Our Health

Dry fruits are rich with fibers and because of that are frindly to the digestive system.Especially they are a good alternative for the meal of dieters.  Dried fruits are achieved by lowering the rates of the water percent of fresh fruits that are 90% to 10 or 20 percent. This precess reduces the percentage of water and at the same time increases the sugar content of fruits and vegetables and the durability is improved. After drying, all minerals except vitamin C is preserved. Dried fruits primarly with high antioxidant potential protect against free radicals. Here are  benefits  to your health of some dried fruits:all dried fruit

*Dried Pears:  they are rich in vitamins. Provides regular work of the kidneys and helps for loss of kidney stones and sand. Lowers high blood pressure,  cleans the blood of all the endocrine glands  and enables normal operation. Calms the nerves and relieves mental fatigue. Reduces vomiting in pregnant women.
*Dried Plums:  black plums are really beneficial for women, because they contain a high percentage of calcium and vitamin D , so consumption of it is really useful to protect bones. They are also rich in potassium and magnesium which are beneficial for blood pressure, liver, heart and kidneys. It is protective against cancer and prevents skin aging.


*Dried Kiwi: is rich with A and C vitamins , potassium, calcium , iron and magnesium. High fiber content helps digestion, creating a positive effect on intestinal operation. In this case prevents constipation. It balances blood pressure, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It strengthens the immune system and is good against flu, colds, anemia and for stomach upsets. It also beautifies the skin.