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Did You Know What Actually Hot Dogs Contain ?

Hot dogs are one of the favorite food for most of us, especially children. But do you know what they actually contain? When you eat particular food, it  would be good to know the process that is hiding behind your groceries …hot-dog

1.Origin of name - the Americans call “hot dog” because rarely eat otherwise. I only eat between bread with ketchup and mustard. The hot dog is the cousin of famous sausages for centuries. Sausage stems from the Latin word” sal “which means salt. This is no accident, given that hot dog are packed with salt. Sometimes, earlier, the salt used in large quantities in the products so that they would last longer.



2.How many people want hot dogs? - Americans eat about 20 billion frankfurters a year! They want to eat baked barbecue and hot dog an integral part of every baseball game, every festival, outdoor event , home entertainment, and it has at every step through the busy streets of America.
3.What is hiding behind hot dogs? – they are predominantly made ​​of meat, animal fats, or oat flour, egg and spices. Sometimes to get the form in which it is known hot dogs are used internal parts of animals, and today is used artificial packing of collagen. However, hot dogs you buy in cash package contains something besides the above. It can be found mechanically recovered meat, fructose syrup, beef broth and sodium nitrate .
4.Medical review - American Association for Cancer Research claims that nitrates and nitrites in hot dogs cause cancer in animals fed. Consumption of large quantities of frankfurters, bacon and processed meat as Cullen increases the risk of getting colon cancer.