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Did Your Eye Ever Flickered ? Find Oout What It Means!

Did your eye ever flickered ? FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS!

The main causes are everyday occurrences such as stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and excessive caffeine intake.

Everyone at least once in their lives happened to have flickering eye _, and you do not know the exact cause. It is very common and daily occurrence that intervents either on the right or left eye. Specific causes are not yet known but it is believed that it affects the functioning of certain nerve areas. Oscillations of the eye in medicine are known as “miokimija” or forced twitching of the eyelid, ie. spasm of eye muscles. Some everyday occurrences may affect the eye, such as flickering. Stresses, fatigue, lack of sleep, excessive caffeine intake, prolonged sitting in front of a computer, nervous disorder, but also the lack of magnesium in the body which, for example you lost through sweating during strenuous exercise.

Several myths


Flickering in the right eye is considered as a bad sign, while flicker in the left eye is a sign of good luck. However, for women the situation is reversed. Also, when you have flickers in the lower left eyelid is believed that the person will cry or someone gossips him.

Parts of Africa

In some parts of Africa is believed that, when the upper eyelid flickers, it’s a sign of encounter with someone unexpected. While the oscillation of the lower eyelid means soon you’ll cry.


In India, however, is believed the opposite of China. Right eye the good news and bad luck brings flickering in the left one.


Flickering in the left eye to Hawaiian people is a sign of the arrival of a stranger, a constant flickering of the eye means disaster in the family.

Superstitions are one thing, and vision about the flickering eyes from medical side of something else. Of course, do not believe superstitions.