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Dirtiest Things That We Touch Every Day

Dirtiest things that touch every day are not only items that look unclean. Many items that resembles like they are clean, are a magnet for countless bacteria.

Trolleys and baskets for shopping
Maybe you are not touching them every day, but you should know that shopping trolleys and baskets are items that are really dirty. They are touched by so many people in such a place where you can find a large quantity of the dirt. The next time you go shopping, think whether to allow the bread to touch the trolley or your apples to roll while you are shopping.

Because they are used so often and wash rarely locks are actually harbor for dirt and bacteria.
Coins contains so much bacteria, because bacteria commonly fed with dirt that is located in the recesses of the coins. The money from the cash register in the stores are dirty, but if you wash your wallet or handbag occasionally then it will help disinfection.

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