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Do It Yourself: How To Make Your Curls To Last Longer

Do It Yourself: How To Make Your Curls To Last Longer

There is a way for your curls to stay longer and defined and that it does not “fall” immediately after they leave the house. Here’s what you need to do.

Do not use hair conditioner. Most women exaggerate with the application of the conditioner that makes their hair “slippery” and for curls is more difficult to remain defined.

Do not save the foam hair. Apply it on damp hair (or dry) and their entire length. The foam contains to alcohol (the same as hairspray) that helps to remove the excess moisture from the hair and therefore the hair becomes stronger and more stable.

Use hairspray. When you completely dry the hair, divide the strands so each spray with hair spray. Start from the Interior strands to the outside.

Wrap your hair. If you have fine hair, curl your hair with figaro preheated to 150 degrees. In the case that your hair is strong and thick, you can increase the temperature up to 170 degrees. Regardless of the size of Figaro, hair while twisting should always be applied in order to the heat will be evenly distributed.

Attach the curls. This is the most important part. After the hair is curled, remove the curling iron then attach the twisted strand of with¬†a bobby pin. Wait fifteen minutes for the locks to “cool”.

“Shake” the curls. Once the hair is completely cooled, remove hairpins, throw your head backwards then tousle the curls with your fingers. Leave the hair a little more veiled, because after a while itself relax so that the curls at the end will look perfect.

Spray them with Wax. In the end, on the hair, apply spray texture. Do not re-use hair spray, because polymers contain therein and are usually too heavy and for curls are too heavy and “push” them to fall.