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Drink 100% Natural Juices For a Better Health

Fruit juices, known as the elixir of health and beauty, protects our bodies against negativity that may be caused by external factors.


Juices of fresh vegetables and fruits, because of it’s rich content, can recoup organism’s daily mineral needs and also allows the skin to flourish. “Fruit juice” are called the drinks that contain 100 % of fruits. The benefits of fruit juices to our metabolism are too many . Here are some of them :

Pineapple juice
The source of bromelain, pineapple juice , accelarates the healing of injured tissues and decays. Also, it provides defense against allergies.

Tomato juice
This juice contains a high percentage of lycopene and tomato carotenoids. Two glasses of tomato juice a day will lower cholesterol.

Orange juice
Regular drinking of orange juice can increase the good cholesterol in the blood(DHL). However the fibers, by regulating the digestive system, protects against heart diseases and some types of cancer.

Apple juice
Pediatricians recommend apple juice to the mother’s who have babies. It is stated that drinking apple juice regulary or eating it, can make the lungs to work better. It is known that apple is the only fruit that have protective properties of all lung functions.

Carrot juice
Although it contains less calories,carrots and carrot juice is nutritious. It is also effective in weight loss and weight maintenance. Drinking carrot juice can reduce aches and pains that aging occurs.